Everyone Should Be Able to Hear the “Music of Life”

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No-one knows the value of hard work better than a hearing impaired individual struggling in the face of adversity to achieve her dreams.

Zoe Kress was awarded the second Help America Hear Scholarship in the recent essay contest held by the Foundation for Sight and Sound.  Below is the winning essay.

Zoe KressBy Zoe Kress

What is a hearing loss? To me this means a difficulty in distinguishing sounds. It’s something that has affected my speech and learning. I have a speech impediment and have trouble pronouncing the letter “r” and the “r-l” combination. Through speech therapy from the time I was three years old, I have successfully mastered d, s, l, f, and v. But the “r” still eludes me. Part of the problem is that I am unable to differentiate the correct sound from the incorrect one. I can say that my “r” has greatly improved, but I don’t…

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