No Wax

The Cookie Bite Chronicles

Ahhhhhh, that’s better. My right ear is now open for business after Tuesday’s dramatic ear irrigation, which saw something the size, colour and consistency of a withered sultana shoot from the cookiebite ear canal into the nurse’s waiting metal receptacle.

Readers will be delighted to know that, unlike last time, I managed not to behave in a completely undignified manner while my ear was pummelled by the pulsed water jet. Instead, I adopted a pained grimace of stoicism, which I relaxed only once to shout a shaky “WHOA…OOA…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” as the wax plug finally came loose.

As you can see from my before and after thresholds below from the Equal Loudness site, there has been a dramatic increase in hearing after irrigation. It more than makes up for the shock of seeing what came out of my lughole…

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