Are Captioning Glasses Really the Wave of the Future?

Lipreading Mom

What’s black, worn over the eyes, and communicates in fluorescent green text?

Why, captioning glasses, of course.

My latest adventure at the cinemaplex featured the latest captioning equipment on the market: Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. Yesterday my friend, Terri, and I ventured to a Regal movie theater to wear one of only 10 sets of these $2,000 glasses in the Kansas City area. Was it worth the drive? I’ll get back to that in a minute. But first, check out these super-duper glasses in their 3-D splendor…

How do captions fit into these itty-bitty glasses?

Here is what Sony says about the shades, verbatim: “When wearing this stylish and lightweight see-through eyewear, users can see closed caption text seemingly superimposed onto the movie picture that they’re watching on screen—t’s a natural subtitle movie experience.”

But that’s not all.

“In addition,” Sony declares, “as the captioning glasses’ receiver box is equipped…

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