Show Us Your Ears!

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As the holidays approach and we spend wonderful times with family and friends, we are reminded about those who cannot hear and are missing out on beautiful everyday sounds.  For Lipreading Mom, Shanna Groves, that was her reality for 10 years.  On October 22, 2012, Shanna began wearing ReSound Verso hearing aids and Unite wireless accessories.  This was the day she rediscovered the world of sound and stopped lipreading her children.

ReSounresound-showmeyourears3d is now partnering with Shanna to promote hearing awareness via the “Show Me Your Ears!” campaign.  From her own struggle to accept her hearing loss has emerged a desire to promote deaf and hearing loss awareness.  At the root of it all, Shanna doesn’t want other hard of hearing individuals to miss out on the “technicolor symphony” of everyday life.

What You Can Do

Help us spread hearing awareness and overcome the stigma associated with hearing…

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