What Level of Hearing-Aid Technology is Best for Children? – guest post by Ryan McCreery

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A.U. Bankaitis's Audiology Blog

free-double-diamond-slotsAudiologists who dispense hearing aids know and recognize “the levels”.  Entry-level, Premium, Ultra-Premium, Double-Diamond Platinum.  Maybe I went a little overboard with that last one, but most audiologists have a hierarchy of hearing-aid technology that they present to patients to help find the right features for their needs.  Naturally, audiologists will often ask about the appropriate level of technology for their pediatric patients.  Do we provide the highest level of technology that the family or funding program can provide? Are basic, entry-level hearing aids sufficient to give children what they need to develop speech and language?  Is the right answer somewhere in the middle?

BalanceThese are important questions.  First, we have evidence that providing amplification early and consistently can help to minimize communication delays in children.  The decisions we make about early amplification could have long-term developmental implications.  No pressure.   Audiologists also bear the responsibility of being fiscally responsible to…

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