Earphones Can Be a Danger To Your Health

The Hearing Professionals

As the parent of two teenaged children, I could never imagine allowing them to do something as potentially dangerous as playing with a loaded gun while doing their homework, sitting in the backseat of my car or while playing in the backyard. Nor could I imagine handing them illegal drugs and sending them off to play with their friends. Could you do this? Then why are so many parents allowing their children to wear earbuds or headphones and listen to their music so loud that they incur irreversible noise-induced haring loss? Maybe they don’t understand the effect that noise or earbuds has on their hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss is a rapidly growing effect, seen on children as young as six years old!

To fully understand the repercussion that noise and earbuds have on your hearing, it is vital to first understand how your ears work. Within each of our ears…

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