How to Hear Someone on the Phone When You Have Hearing Loss

Lipreading Mom

My ears have a love-hate relationship with the phone. For 12 years, I’ve struggled to hear conversations from a variety of telephones—a regular landline, amplified phone, mobile phone, cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities. I tried phone captioning, but the captions didn’t always interpret word-for-word. Sometimes the words were scrambled or misinterpreted. That’s why I loved texting: No listening was required. But not all people text, and for those experiences with scheduling appointments, hearing on the phone was absolutely essential. I’d cringe every time I called the doctor’s office.

This fall, ReSound, manufacturer of hearing assistive technology, partnerned with me on the Lipreading Mom Show Me Your Ears campaign. I was also honored to have been asked by ReSound headquarters to sample their newest hearing aid product: the Versos.

Because of my positive experience with ReSound, I was more than excited to learn how ReSound could help those…

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