Vladimir Got His Hearing Aids!

Lexington School for the Deaf


From looking at the title to this post, you may well expect this story to be an unremarkable one; a story that you could simply gloss over. I can assure you that it isn’t. This one is well worth reading.

To accurately describe this story, there’s really only one word I could use: heartwarming.

A few days ago one of our students was featured in the NY Times. The article, written by Julie Turkewitz, spoke of Vladimir Gongora.

Vladimir, 17, grew up in Cuyantepeque, El Salvador. Without a health center, without road access for cars, and without the support of a deaf community or specialist schooling, Vladimir only communicated with his two sisters and his grandparents using hand signals they had invented.

Through the (very) hard work of his father, Jose Gongora, who left for the United States in 1997, Vladimir was able to move into the family’s apartment in Flushing, Queens…

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