Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids Canada

The signs of hearing loss could be slight and rise gradually, or they may be serious and appear suddenly. In any case, you’ll find standard signs. You should suspect hearing problems if you encounter any of the signs below.

•    Need a repetitive conversation
•    Problem in talking with more than one or two persons
•    Can’t hear hearing children and women clearly
•    Find other people sound inaudible or they’re muttering
•    Can’t’ hear in in noisy circumstances, for example, restaurants, conferences, malls or meeting rooms
•    Need to listen radio or watch TV loudly
•    Respond or answer incorrectly while talking with someone
•    Hears unknown sounds


•    Father or mother is hearing impaired
•    Side effects of high dose of medicine
•    Have thyroid/heart problem or diabetes
•    Get exposed to very loud sounds for a long time

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