Lipreading Mom’s Nominees for Best Captioned Oscar Movie Are…

Lipreading Mom

And the nominees for 2013 best (captioned) motion picture are…

Okay, the Oscars don’t actually honor captioning. But in this day and age of many American movie theaters now showing first-run films captioned, it is a treat to visit the cinemaplexes where I live.

For the next 30 days, I am on a mission to see as many of the 2013 Oscar-nominated films with captions as possible. Here is the list, thus far, of flicks I have seen on the big screen using two captioning devices on the market—Doremi’s CaptiView and Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. The first gadget requires your drink cup holder at the cinema. The other commands the cooperation of your eyes and head.

Argo – My husband and I saw this movie at a Cinemark Theatre using Doremi CaptiView. This cupholder captioning device, with its fluorescent text and flexible crane ‘neck,’ was absolutely essential in understanding key…

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