How to Make the Most Out of the College Experience When You Have Hearing Loss

Lipreading Mom

By Andrea Leni / Guest Blogger

College is hard enough to get through on your own, but for people coping with hearing loss, the challenge is even steeper. Although there are helpful technological and scientific advancements to assist with hearing, the solution doesn’t have to involve cost or compensation. There are plenty of helpful tricks for dealing with the environment of lectures, lessons, and quizzes when you have been dealt the hand of hearing loss to give you the best possible shot at success.

As frustrating as hearing loss can be, it’s important to put the setback into perspective as just that: a setback. Your goals in dealing with hearing loss should be finding ways to mediate that loss with clearer, louder audio than may be readily apparent, but that is also readily available. Classrooms of all varieties offer a number of savvy excuses for students to take control…

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