Bullying Doesn’t Stop This Show Me Your Ears Fan

Lipreading Mom

Tara Chevrestt learned about Show Me Your Ears through another website. The author, editor, and former aviation mechanic has worn hearing aids since the age of 11. In school, she was teased for her hearing aids. Hearing loss bullying made her hide them as much as possible.

“It took me years to get the courage to show my hearing aids,” Tara says. “I was made fun of, misunderstood, stared at, treated like I was dumb. It has not been easy.”

Her recent pair, which she’s owned less than a year, allowed her to hear things she hasn’t ever heard. The pair connects wirelessly to her television, providing crisp sound quality.

Despite the years of hearing loss bullying, Tara overcame her fears to write a memoir, Hear Through My Ears. In it, she describes the childhood bullying, work-related restrictions, and humorous communication misunderstandings. Tara’s mission is to share what it…

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