Captioning Goes to Court: An Interview with Attorney John Waldo

Lipreading Mom

Lipreading Mom is a movie fan—when those movies are captioned.

This is the beginning of my ongoing series about movie accessibility via captioning. Join me in the coming weeks as I interview captioning advocates from around the world, including the founders of Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC),, and

Today’s interview is with Attorney John Waldo, Advocacy Director and Counsel for Washington State Communication Access Project (Wash-CAP), and Counsel for the Oregon Communication Access Project (OR-CAP).

Movie Captions: Past, Present, Future

Once upon a time, American theaters showed few captioned movies. There were two choices: open captions with words directly on the big screen, and rear window (closed) captioning with a reflective cup holder captioning device.

Then U.S. theaters acquired state-of-the-art digital projection, replacing the age-old reel-to-reel system. Movie companies and theaters now had the means to caption the digital films using various portable (closed captioning)…

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