Second Mapping Appointment

Love to hear these kinds of stories about new things that people get to hear for the first time or for the first time in a long time 🙂


I surprised myself today at Sunnybrook hospital during my second mapping appointment.   For those who don’t understand what “mapping” means, here’s a good explanation that I stole from another website:

“Reprogramming of the cochlear implant, or what is commonly called a “MAP”, refers to the setting of the electrical stimulation limits necessary for the cochlear implant user to perceive soft and comfortably loud sound. Normal acoustic hearing can process sounds within a 120dB range.  Normal speech ranges anywhere between 40 and 60dB. Cochlear implant recipients have a dynamic range of only 6-15dB in electrical current.  Therefore, in cochlear implant speech processors, a 120dB acoustic range must be compressed into an electric range of 6-15dB.  Due to the small electrical range that a cochlear implant is limited to, CI users are more sensitive to loudness changes.  These stimulation levels correspond to measurements known as Threshold and ComfortLevels. During the…

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